The game

Rules of the game, how to play and tricks

Rule of the game

A good game is a game with simple rules

  • Ademio is a game that is played on a phone. It consists of a 5×5 grid squares, tiles with different colors and values ​​(but always powers of two) that can be moved by an horizontal or vertical displacement of all the tiles. When 2 tiles of the same value meet, they merge to form one, which takes the value of accumulated 2 tiles merged.
  • The goal to finish the level is simple: achieve a total of points exceeding the minimum defined for the level.
  • Once done, the next level has now become accessible. Dozens of levels are available (with different difficulties ...)

How to play?

Move the tiles by sliding your finger on the screen of your phone

  • The Dragging your finger on the screen causes the movement of tiles arranged on the grid. All tiles can move from the moment there are places available in the chosen direction.
  • Note: The grid is sometimes composed of "holes" or walls to prevent drag tiles. The walls have a limited life and eventually not let the tiles.

Tips and Tricks

All full of tricks!

  • CORNER: To pass the level you obviously organize a little in the way of playing the outset, choose an area in which you begin to merge two tiles. In this corner, try to always keep the tile highest value
  • STORAGE: Arrange the tiles in ascending order and progressive way. Example: If the highest number is in the upper left corner, it is advisable to fill the column increasingly, from top to bottom. Iterating through the column from top to bottom, it would show eg. 64, 32, 8 and 16 Thus, the fusion with another 8 to 16 which is transformed into its meltable and all that would also 32 to form a 64, and would thus form a 128.
  • DIRECTIONS: To the extent possible using only 3 directions to maintain the largest tiles on a game from and avoid a new (smaller) disrupts the ranking of your tiles.
  • Regularity: In order to merge the boxes must contain identical values. And a series 2-16 - 64-256 respects the first rule (progressive), but result in a failure because you can not merge any box with its neighbor. This means respecting a second criterion: regularity.
  • RELEASE THE MAXIMUM CASE: If all the boxes are filled, the game ends in defeat, so be sure to have more free boxes and favor boxes free movements. Between two movements, one releasing a box and the other by releasing not choose the first. Try to keep the 'big' tile sets.
    It is possible to merge multiple tiles in one motion, do without thinking. This will give you more space on the grid to quietly continue your game. This technique will also avoid finding yourself locked.
    Be sure to merge the tiles fairly regularly, it is better that a tile 64 16 4 tiles.
  • THE CLEANER IS MY FRIEND BOUTION: The "Cleaner" button (smiley) is your friend!
    Some levels will never be completed without his help. Indeed, it allows one shot to clear all tiles figure 2. This is handy when the grid no longer has much room. This allows retouver spaces!. But beware, its use is limited. Wait preferably the last time, unless a big opportunity fusion could be done by removing the tiles or type "2" that broom;-)
  • PETIT A PETIT: Do not see too much too fast. It is tempting to merge two tiles of great value, but do not forget the other (smaller) which will also merge. Example, if you have two tiles 512, but the following tiles are not larger than 32, and if your game does not leave a lot of free boxes, consider merging small to intermediate size tiles which can in turn make large
  • ALWAYS '2 'NOT THAT SORT: The new tiles arriving each all are not always two, but sometimes four or even occasionally 8! Think about it!
    Tip: shut! : With a little luck, it is sometimes better to go back one or more strokes to wait until that one of them falls ...
  • COMMON SENSE: Like other puzzles, sometimes you have to take your time, try to anticipate the movements to avoid the risk of being cheated. For this, there is no secret, it is necessary from time to time whether to ask and think about strategy. If a sudden you look good, try to see what he could give one or two moves later.
    If you're not on you, try to evaluate alternatives
  • PERSEVERANCE: Be persistent. Sometimes when you believe that all is lost, the situation is released as if by magic! Keep good;-)